Fairytale Quest


Kids love spotting themselves beside their favourite fairytale characters as they help Goldilocks, Jack, Gulliver and co find bits of their stories (but watch out for the wicked witch!)

Features up to 3 children

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Features up to 3 children

Free shipping worldwide!

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Here's how it works

1. Enter your childs name
2. Upload a super-cute photo
3. Choose a hairstyle & clothes

We’ll then work our magic and create your one-of-a-kind book

Brilliantly personalised

It’s like hide and seek in a book! Your child’s face and name appears on every page. For extra fun add a couple of siblings or friends to find too!

Choose how they’ll look

Once you upload your child's photo have a giggle choosing their hairstyle and clothes. They'll love spotting themselves in all the pages of their book!

Book info

Our books are all softcover books (hardbacks coming soon) and are approximately A4 in size. Each page is printed on our carefully chosen paper stock which means that not only do our images look great but the pages are tough enough to withstand lots of over-excited use by little hands.